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In the sixth round he hit me with a good shot but i told him is that all youve got youre in trouble in the back of my mind i was hoping that was all hes got during a chaotic sixth round, tyson was warned by referee joe cortez for violently twisting mcbrides arm, then docked two points for an intentional head butt. Since then, tyson has been trying to rehabilitate his image tarnished by a rape conviction and an ear biting incident. Add to the confusion over the rules and how theyll impact the fight that no one truly knows what tyson or jones can do in a competitive bout at 54 and 51 years old, respectively, and its hard to even begin to guess how the fight will look when the men step in the ring. Mike tyson and and roy jones jr locked eyes for the final time before the boxing legends return to the ring on saturday evening. They will move around in front of each other for eight two minute.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Live Streaming - Prior to the fight, he has comfortably predicted a first round knockout, intensifying the whole tale. He can do whatever he wants on november 28, but the end result would be him getting knocked out, regardless. That will live him for the rest of his life, as far as boxing is concerned, because he quit on his stool. A trainer himself, mayweather, who used to make predictions videos about boxing fights on his youtube channel, added as big as tyson is, he has some tremendous hand speed. This will be jake pauls second fight after a tko win against al eson gib this year. One thing that could work in favor of the event is the fact that these rules will not apply to the under card. It truly is a heavyweight weekend on talksport. There was also an announcement about there being judges and fans. You have mike tyson and roy jones. Fifty year old people should not be getting punched in the head.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones TV channels CBS - Fifty years ago, the super fight depicted the results of a fictional contest between muhammad ali and rocky marciano, at that time the only two undefeated heavyweight champions in history. Marciano lost almost 50 pounds and sported a toupee, which ali accidentally knocked off at one point. Mcbride thought he had ended tyson mania once and for all in 2005. Theyre in an unbelievable position now and for british boxing and for us to be having this fight is basically unknown. However, the fight will not be for the wbc front line battle belt. But the late years of jones career saw his reflexes slow and his inability to change his style lead to brutal knockout losses alongside one sided decision defeats. Tyson, the former heavyweight world champion, is considered one of the most feared boxers of all time. His daughter was fighting on the undercard. Jake paul looks at it as an easy call.